“If Wener Boehm Ilan Tzorya & Alfred Dobias has nothing to hide we suggested them they should have
no reason to fear from real justice.”

It is obvious now – How Ilan Tzorya Werner Boehm & Alfred Dobias partnering in the criminal media/dark extortion
enterprise operated by Israeli Romanian Mafia guys, “Elis Musli, Amirand Dzanashvili, Michael Elusashvili, Michael Golod, and many more.”

Werner Boehm Alfred Dobias, What makes someone a real total loser? (Let us help you, Partnering accepting money & connecting to Ilan Tzorya and criminal enterprise operated by Israel Romania and Bulgarian Mafia that blackmails others using your fake “fintelegram” news site, makes both of you total losers)

Link Below Will Give You Full Proof Of Ilan Tzorya A Share Holder In Fake Extortion News Portal “Fintelegram”





Werner Boehm No GOOD, not telling the truth.



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