Latest Exposed Crimes:

Scam Brokers and Money Laundering machines for Criminals in Israel Bulgaria Romania Macedonia. “”

Business Owners: Yuval Shemtov, Ilan Tzorya, Eli Musli, Michael Golod, Amiran Dzanashvili, Michael Elushvili. Offices: Sofia, Tel Aviv, Skopje  Offices : Sofia, Tel Aviv, Skopje          

*Offices exact location and Scam agent names in next article.*

eMarketsTrade/ZuercherCapital /.info

Targeted Countries: Italy German – Germany and Switzerland English – UK, South Africa and Asia

Malaysia, Thailand Singapore European countries like Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands (English speakers only) Norway and Switzerland.

Yuval Shemtov reach in 2016 a deal with Ilan Tzorya and Michael Golod about this money laundering machine. Lately Yuval Shemtov together with Ilan Tzorya operation a open more scam-brokers outside of Tradologic platform, (we will reveal in our next article)

Yuval Shemtov, taking all business profits and criminals processing’s in CASH which delivered to Bulgaria Israel and Romania, cash delivery finalized by Eli Musli gang and Ilan Tzorya CFO and employs.

We gathered some evidences of Yuval Shemtov & Ilan Tzorya victims.



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