Let us explain you how the extortion/criminal machine works that built by

Werner Werner Böhm / Boehm and Alfred Dobias.

The Machine.

Werner Böhm / Boehm and Alfred Dobias, Big losers that haven’t achieved anything in life.

Werner partnered together with Uwe Lenhoff in BitRush, Werner together with Alfred took illegal actions in the company you can read the release here.

Source1  Source2  Source3  Source4

Werner decided to open News Portal and start attacking Uwe Lenhoff, He found out that Ilan Tzorya partners with Uwe, and started attacking Ilan Tzroya with articles sources below, Ilan Tzroya paid Werner and Alfred > articles removed > Ilan pays more and > and new attacks/articles ordered by Ilan Tzorya & Criminal family Eli Musli, on new targets identified by Ilan Tzorya.

You decide from now on!!!



Good Job Werner & Alfred, You got that fish!!


Werner & Alfred i guess you guys want more money? Right you got much more!!!



Oh it’s a done deal 😉

Now Ilan Tzorya and entire criminal gang working with Werner and Alfred Snitching and covering large criminal schemes that they doing in Europe.

Ex: Binary brands out of Romania Bulgaria Israel , Money laundering, Illegal betting in Israel and Europe, Cash transfer.

More Soon……..

Amazing two criminal masterminds found each-other!


  1. Guys, i first thought that screenshots you posted were fake, so i went to check fintelegram company register, and it turns out Werner did add Ilan’s Krypton to shareholders:


    Found this:
    07 Jun 2018 Statement of capital following an allotment of shares on 7 June 2018
    EUR 1

    15 Jun 2018 Cessation of Krypton Publisher Ltd as a person with significant control on 13 June 2018

    Its public info. This guy is behind telegram indeed, no wonder there is no single article on him on fintelegram. You guys need a better copywriter, but seems what you publish is true.


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