Our team has investigated CROWDWIZ.  Crowdwiz  part of Fraud investment scheme powered by Tradologic KryptonCapital and industry scammer in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Israel, Germany Romania Ilan Tzorya? Ilan TZORYA, founder of Tradologic and KRYPTON CAPITAL, and other people in the Crowdwiz environment. We received lots of contradicting information and found a real jungle of connections.

Crowdwiz was just sort of a mediocre ICO raising some USD 7.2 million which is fake number made by Ilan Tzorya, but there is more! Crowdwiz is at the very center of an international scam investment scheme that comprises literally dozens of companies all over the world including the public-listed front-end VELTYCO in London, UK, and the Crypto-VC Krypton Capital in Kiev (Ukraine). Hence, we call this network the “KRYPTON – VELTYCO CONNECTION” lead by the industry veterans Uwe LENHOFF and Ilan TZORYA.

So, where to start? Let’s start with the relationship between Crowdwiz and Krypton Capital.

Ilan Tzorya claims no connection at all to CrowdWiz, This is not what we know.

Ilan Tzorya Email.

Hmm not connected to CrowdWiz? hmmmm…. Like all Ilan Tzorya illegal businesses very professional hide behind people.

Delzar Khalaf <[email protected]> / Made large DUMP of tokens & Michael Golod aware and never reported this Pump&Dump.

A few victims already have contacted us.



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