Experts examining the attack on found that several malwares appeared to have attacks on systems. Malware has in the past been used for launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, cybercrime, information theft, global infection of industrial control systems and targeted attacks against businesses.

While the researchers found source of attack was directly used to bring down the website, denial of service attacks were deployed to try to prevent error messages from reaching service personnel, while the malware keep attacking This attention to detail suggests the attack was indeed aimed deliberately at

ILAN TZORYA and Gang from Ukraine Romania Israel Bulgaria, for more powerful DDoS attacks.

Attack Graph

Ilan Tzorya and the gang using Botnet involving infected computers from USA EU ASIA  to initiate DDOS attacks.


How Botnets can impact you

Often, the cybercriminal will seek to infect and control thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of computers – so that the cybercriminal can act as the master of a large ‘zombie network’ – or ‘bot-network’ – that is capable of delivering a DistributedDenial of Service (DDoS) attack, a large-scale spam campaign or other types of cyberattack.

In some cases, cybercriminals will establish a large network of zombie machines and then sell access to the zombie network to other criminals – either on a rental basis or as an outright sale. Spammers may rent or buy a network in order to operate a large-scale spam campaign.

How to prevent your computer becoming part of a Botnet

Installing effective anti-malware software will help to protect your computer against Trojans and other threats.

Kaspersky Lab has award-winning anti-malware solutions for:


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