German and Austrian government notes increased activity of ‘Ilan Tzorya  – TradoLogic SuperDev ZoomTrader – EmarketsTrade and many more binary operations that belong to Ilan Tzorya and Criminals from Israel – Bulgaria Romania – Eli Musli – Michael Golod – Michael Eluashvily – Amiran Djanashvili

In response to the parliamentary request of the right and the third-largest Bundestag Party Alternative for Germany, the German government decided on actions against SuperDev Tradologic Ilan Tzorya the international criminal.

Below Documents that show  large RADE on Ilan Tzorya illegal offices and home!

The Federal Republic of Germany is considering OCGs consisting of ethnic Criminal gang in the wider context of crime, the document we have say. At the same time, Ilan Tzorya mafia structures many criminal operations Casinos Binary Identity Theft Scam Extortion. The “Ilan Tzorya” organized crime . The first three are occupied respectively by citizens of, Germany itself, and Austria.

The government report also notes that the most active Ilan Tzorya criminal groups are in the north and east of the country. In addition, the Government of Germany is aware of individual cases of cooperation between Israeli Bulgarian criminal groups and the Romanian mafia, as previously reported by The Sources.

Ilan Tzorya currently on a wanted list of Europol,

Ilan Tzorya currently hiding in Asia together with Edward Dave, another criminal from Israel, dealing with extortions and fake binary operations from Kiev-Ukraine.

We will Publish in next Article extended information bout Edward Dave and Ilan Tzorya Michael Golod Michael Eluashvily Connection.

Edward Dave


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