Michael Eluashvily

Personal Number: 65518001092

Date Of birth: 13/03/1962

Passport Number: 17AB04854

Address: 11 Chavchavadze av. Tbilisi ,  Georgia

Email Address: [email protected]


Eli Musli and Michael Eluashvily are part of a gang that cheated taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of Euros in what was described by investigators ‘flagrant’ attack on the benefits system.

The fraudsters used forged home office documents and job references to illegally obtain national insurance numbers, which they used to claim a range of state handouts. Together with criminals from Bulgaria Ilan Tzorya & Michael Golod and other gang members they have used Tradologic/Super Dev Binary Investors Database to obtain personal information.

Gang members claimed benefits under many different aliases at the same time, and boosted the payouts they received by inventing children, producing what they said were photographs of the non-existent youngsters.


AMIRAN DZANASHVILI” Together With “Michael Eluashvily

Are Israeli Citizens Holding Georgian Passports.
Doing businesses with Banned countries Iran Egypt.
Amiran Using Georgian passport conducting crimes and travel for illegal gambling and illegal operations for Eli Musli Family to Egypt and other regions in Middle East to collect cash from illegal Lottery and Betting operations..
Michael Eluashvily also holder of Georgian passport #17AB04854, passport  in use to register offshore companies bank accounts and launder money in EU and USA.
More information will be provided in next article.
Israeli and Georgian authorities have been informed.


Some of the claimants did not live in the EU at all while making benefits claims, with one woman making regular flights into the country from Romania to collect their payments.

Michael Eluashvily, who using fake names and an alias holding Israeli and Georgian Passports.

Ringleader Eli Musli Michael Eluashvily, operating casino in Bucharest “PlatinumCasino”  & fraud binary option offices.

Professional investigators think Michael Eluashvily, must be jailed together with for seven years and eight months, For crimes that are completed in Romania Bulgaria Egypt and many more countries, together with Eli Musli & Amiran Djanashvili


Information we received bout companies that ILAN TZORYA AND Romanian and Israeli mafia members extorted

Company Funding Brand/Domain Activity
 Krypton Solutions  ICOBackers.com ICO Management
 Krypton Studio Design and FE
 ICOAdm.in ICO Admin
 Even8  Even8 PR Services
 Krypton Education  CryptoAcademy.com Education for Blockchain
 Krypton Publisher  Cryptovest.com Blockchain News site
 Krypton Network  Coins.online, Coinformation ..  Portals
 Krypton TV (Intel Media)  CryptoTV.tv TV/Video Channel
 Krypton Events  Next Block Expo/Conferences
 Token Target  TokenTarget.com Marketing
 Smartologic  Smartologic.com ICO Consulting
 Krypton Ventures  Gladius.io DDOS protection
 KarmaInternational.com Entertaiment
 Fusion.org Cross platform
 CognitoProtocol.com Secure protocol
 Rewards.com / Younk Rewards / Spotify on blockchain
 Forex Development Corporate B2B tech solutions
  d10e investments pool d10e investments (from March 08)
 Others for Smartologic ICO Investments
 Others Investments in ICOs
 Krypton Trading  N/A  Trading Strategies (Jacob)
 N/A  AlgoTrading (Joseph)
 Finance Magnates  FinanceMagnates.com  Advertisment and Expo
 Management  N/A  Manage the funds


Employs that help The Mafia Ilan Tzorya in illegal take over that are about to face criminal charges.


Name, surname Location Position Business unit
Sergey Kovinskyy Kiev HR/Administrator Management
Tamara Arevshatian Kiev CFO Management
Inna Kriva Kiev Accountant Management
Marina Bezverkha Kiev Accountant Management
Delzar Khalaf Kiev COO Management
Jacob Palm Kiev CEO Trading
Ilan Tzorya Kiev CEO Management
Julia Semko Kiev Legal counsel Management
Ihor Kornienko Kiev Legal Assistant Trading
Yulia Palazhchenko Kiev CFO Trading
Dmytro Zinchuk Kiev Marketing manager Coinadmin
Liubov Sharga Kiev SMM Manager Cryptovest
Itay Malinski Kiev CEO Cryptovest
Dmytro Kostohryzov Kiev Sales manager Cryptovest
Denis Didenko Kiev Sales manager Cryptovest
Leonid Oksanichenko Kiev Sales manager Cryptovest
Jenny Zlatova Kiev Sales manager Coinadmin
Victoria Redko Kiev Content publisher Cryptovest
Yevhen Sorochan Kiev Product manager Cryptovest
Alex Omelchenko Kiev SEO manager Cryptovest
Dave Younk Kiev Video content/Host Cryptovest
Hunain Naseer Islamabat Editor in chief Cryptovest
Kostiantyn Gomma Kiev CEO Academy
Gleb Udovichenko Kiev Manager Project Academy
Maryna Krynytska Kiev Project manager Events
Alisa Berezutska Kiev CEO Events
Lisa Skorobreschuk Kiev Event manager Events
Ekaterina Temelkova Kiev Project coordinator Events
Aleksey Kuprin Kiev Sales manager ICOBackers
Natasha Holmer-Early Scily CEO ICOBackers
Kate Tulley UK CMO ICOBackers
Diana Korol Kiev CEO Lever8
Ilya Lopatin Kiev Copywriter Lever8
Nikita Besedin Kiev PR manager Lever8
Pashina Natalia Kiev PR manager Lever8
Maryna Kryzhevska Kiev PR manager Lever8
Asaf Oz Kiev Head of Sales Management
Siana Mishkova Sofia Editor in chief Network
Svetoslav Savov Sofia CEO Coinadmin
Anton Berov Sofia Journalist Network
Kalina Tekelieva Sofia Journalist Network
Marin Marinov Sofia Journalist Network
Petar Genov Sofia Journalist Network
Christina Dimitrova Sofia Journalist Network
Petar Panayotov Sofia ICO DB admin Network
Marietta Milosheva Sofia ICO DB admin Network
Rady Georgiev Sofia Marketing Manager Network
Denitsa Koseva Sofia Editor Network
Desislava Miroslavova Sofia HR Executive Network
Ivan Penkov Sofia Tech. writer Network
Lyubomi Zhechev Sofia Fin. writer Network
Deyana Kamenova Sofia Journalist Network
Maya Bogdanova Sofia Editor Network
MayaBaltaliiska Sofia Office Assiatance Network
Nash Sofia CTO Network
Todor Bonev Sofia Web designer Studio
Miroslav Metodiev Sofia Web designer Studio
Stan Kirilov Sofia CEO Studio
Tatiana Zakharova Sofia Project manager Studio
Miroslav Metodiev Sofia Designer Studio

Yuliya Semko” Legal Counsel of Krypton Capital [email protected]


According to the information available to us, the “Bulgarian-Ukrainian-Russian” BINEX is only part of a larger cybercrime network around the Scam Group From Romania Sofia and his cronies Eli Musli and Michael Golod.

Platform & Companies involved in criminal activities money laundering and defrauding investors
the following companies involved that owned by, Ilan TzoryaKrypton Capital
Krypton Blockchain
Krypton Trading
Krypton Invest
NEXT BLOCK Conference
Krypton Tech
Krypton Solutions
Krypton Education
Krypton Publisher
Intel Media
Krypton Mining
Krypton Publisher
Token Target
Krypton Management
Smart Invest
Krypton Venture
Markets Media Investment
Forex Development Corportaion
LT Tech
LT Manangment
Opera Intelligence
cryptovest.comTRADOLOGIC HKFollowing Bank accounts have been reported as taking part in defrauding investorsAdsTech Solutions Inc. (Seychelles) Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD IBAN BG20PIRB80681606101460
Tradologic HK Ltd (Hongkong) HSBC Hongkong Acc: 652-485897-838
TZORYA ILAN Bank of Cyprus Acc. 357024153091
TZORYA ILAN (ITN 2899226775) JSK UKRSIBBANK (KIEV) Acc. 26258010140507
Binarix Ltd (Seychelles)
DTIG Holding Limited (Cyprus)



The Boiler Rooms of “Ilan Tzorya & Krypton Capital”

According to the information available to us, the beneficial owners of Emarketstrade.com zoomtrader.com are the well-known binary options artists Ilan Tzorya . These guys are hiding behind offshore companies on the Marshall Islands, Panama and Samoa. We received details on this companies already but are still working on the verification.

Ilan Tzorya aka Ilan Tzroya and a fragment of their international binary options network

The platform was operated by Tradologic and Krypton Capital Krypton Capital & Ilan Tzorya, all notorious websites service providers or operators behind many trading platforms. Ilan Tzorya’s Finances’ call centers (boiler rooms) serve many binary options and FOREX platforms.

The “Krypton Capital” with its official headquarter in Sofia Kiev, Bulgaria Ukraine Malta is run by an international team of managers and scam artists. These include guys from Israel, Romania, Albania, and Bulgaria. We reached out to them and them colleagues for comments but have not heard back anything yet.

Besides many other FOREX & Binary Options brands, the company also provide its services to the platforms OptionStars and OptionStarsGlobal Owned and operated by Ilan Tzorya aka Ilan Tzroya & Michael Golod and the large cyber circle.

The Cypriot Krypton Capital & Ilan TzoryaLtd.

Emarketstrade OptionStars and many other platforms are also associated with Krypton Capital & Ilan Tzorya (Cyprus), according to various financial market supervisory authorities Krypton Capital & Ilan Tzorya serves as money transmitter and handles the custody accounts. In addition, Krypton Capital & Ilan Tzorya also operates several large platforms such as zoomtrader option888 on its own responsibility (and/or trustee for clients). The

Krypton Capital & Ilan Tzorya and some related binary options platforms

The financial service provider regulated by CySEC plays a central role in the network of binary options. Also, the platforms ZoomTraderand ZoomTraderGlobal as well as OptionBit or Option888, which were also targeted by financial supervisory authorities in Europe, North America, and Asia, were at least temporarily related to or established by Krypton Capital & Ilan Tzorya.

Although the financial service provider in connection with binary options was repeatedly fined with high penalties by the CySEC, the license has not yet been withdrawn which is quite alarming. CySEC is known for its relaxed standards and behavior when it comes to compliance and investors protection, unfortunately.

The large-scale binary option fraud

In recent years, Krypton Capital & Ilan Tzorya has operated a number of by now banned or closed binary options platforms, contributing to the potential loss of hundreds of millions of client assets. In 2016, the French Financial Market Authority (AMF) estimated that even with regulated financial services providers such as Novox Capital, around 90% of customers lose their money in FOREX and Binary Options transactions. In the case of unregulated operators.

We learned from insiders that considerable funds from the network have been frozen at banks. Among these frozen funds there are also supposed to be considerable funds at Deutsche Bank. According to our information, a huge investigation is already being conducted by authorities. More information on

  • the freezing of funds in the network and
  • the role of Krypton Capital – Cryptovest – Ilan Tzorya – Michael Golod – Krypton Trading and more….
  • the VELTYCO






Fraud & Take Over By Ilan Tzorya On Krypton Investors

The Boiler Rooms Of “Ilan Tzorya & Krypton Capital”

Ilan Tzorya extortion and investor fraud.

Ilan Tzorya Aka Ilan Tzroya CYBERCRIME CASES

DTI Group Scam and Extortion, By Ilan Tzorya

Ilan Tzroyas aka Ilan Tzorya fraud unveiled

DTI Group Scam And Extortion, By Ilan Tzorya

Another complication for an Israeli-Bulgarian, Ilan Tzorya

Another Bulgarian ICO – Gambling Investment Fund and its GIFcoin


VELTYCO and (another) Bulgarian Connection

Werner Boehm & Tamir Cohen – FinTelegram

Below Hebrew Articles

שיטת ההונאה והסחיטה של קבוצת DTI בראשות אילן צרויה נחשפות

סחיטה והונאת משקיעים, הראש החדש של משפחת הפשע מוסלי, אילן צוריה.

הסתבכות נוספת לישראלי-בולגרי, אילן צוריה?

Below Bulgarian Articles

Илан Тсоря : ,, Вълкът облечен в партньорски одежди“

Below Romanian Articles

Ilan Tzorya – despre șantaj și fraudă față de investitori.

Ilan-Tzorya-Michael-Golod-Eli Musli
Blackmail Expert: Michael Eluashvili (aka Malkhaz, aka Malxaz)

Michael Eluashvili (aka Malkhaz, aka Malxaz) Located in Romania, Connections Eli Musli Amiran Ilan Tzroya aka Ilan Tzorya criminal world in Israel Romania…


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