Labour MP has been suspended and urged to resign from parliament by her party after being found guilty of repeatedly lying to avoid a speeding ticket.

Fiona Onasanya, the MP for Peterborough, was accused of colluding with her brother to avoid having three points added to her driver’s licence by claiming that a former lodger had been driving her Nissan Micra when it was found travelling at 41mph in a 30mph zone.

Police established the former lodger was in Russia at the time of the offence.

Onasanya, a solicitor, was accused at the Old Bailey of inventing a series of lies over 17 months to hide the fact that she was driving the car.

After a retrial, she was found guilty of perverting the course of justice, a charge which usually results in a custodial sentence.

The verdict has ruined the 35-year-old’s career and left Jeremy Corbynwith a significant political problem, given the delicate balance of power in the House of Commons.

A Labour spokesman said the party was “deeply disappointed” in Onasanya’s behaviour and that she had been suspended from the party and should resign as an MP. She may also be struck off as a solicitor.

The verdict raises the possibility of a byelection in Peterborough, a seat Onasanya won by 607 votes at the general election. She beat the Conservative incumbent, Stewart Jackson, in a constituency where a high percentage of people voted to leave the EU.


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