How Binary Options fraudsters entice victims

Victims have contacted Ilan Tzorya when they have discovered that their investments are worthless or non-existent.

Fraudsters often use aggressive sales techniques or names of prominent people or business locations to entice victims to invest.

We have seen a large increase in reports of binary options fraud with the number of reports tripling in the last financial year, with the financial losses increasing from 2million to 13million during the same period.

Some countries have banned the trading of binary options.

Fraudsters posing as Binary Options traders on social networks often use the promise of unrealistically high returns on ‘investments’ to lure potential victims.

March 2017Fraudsters claim “Binary Options are being used for investment scams” (Action Fraud)

Fraudsters “taking advantage of unregulated market”

Players: Ilan Tzorya – Michael Golod – Eli Musli – Krypon Capital – Tradologic, Zotapay

Detectives: “We have seen an increase in binary options fraud in the last two of years. Opportunist fraudsters have taken advantage of an unregulated market and done everything can to defraud unsuspecting investors.

“Anyone who invests in binary options should be vigilant about who they are trading with and should follow our protection advice to ensure that they don’t fall victim to what is becoming a commonplace investment scam”.

When do Binary Options become fraudulent?

Fraud may be occurring if Binary Trading platforms:

  • Offer a higher than average return on an investment.
  • Refuse to credit customer accounts.
  • Break all contact with the customer.
  • Manipulate software to distort prices and payouts.

Protect yourself against Binary Options fraud

  • If you’re considering any type of investment, always remember: if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.
  • If you get a call out of the blue from someone offering investment opportunities, reject the offer; if in doubt don’t be polite, just hang up.
  • If in doubt, where you think a firm offering binary options may not be trustworthy or legitimate, do not transfer money to them or provide them with your bank details.
  • Be mindful of any bonus structures and clauses preventing you from withdrawing funds.
  • Make sure you have read and considered conditions set out by the company making it mandatory to “turn over” your original deposit over a multiple amount of times before you can withdraw your money.
  • The Gambling Commission advises that UK consumers should research the market carefully before participating in such activities.
  • Check whether a company holds an operating license from the Gambling Commission by searching the public register of licensees.

If you think you have been a victim of fraud you should report it to us.


Massive binary options fraud exposed in detail – Coming Soon!

Meanwhile anything you have please report us bout following individuals:

Ilan Tzorya – Michael Golod – Eli Musli – Krypon Capital – Tradologic, Zotapay

Following Employees are involved in fraud & mass mastermind together with Ilan Tzorya, Employes and team’s are located in Bulgaria Romania Israel Ukraine

Employee Company Department
Aneliya Lyudmilova Ivanova GFS rep Markering
Antoni Sefer Bocha Market Experts Risk
Atanas Manolov Manolov Super dev Trading
Boyan Georgiev Boev Super dev Database Management
Bozhidar Yordanov Stambolov Super dev Front-End
Chavdar Stoyanov Samichkov Super dev Customer Relationships
David Petrov Kotsev Super dev Quality Assurance
Deanne Christiе Kalev Super dev Quality Assurance
Denis Hyusein Veli Super dev Customization
Denitsa Dobreva Dobreva Super dev Human Resources
Detelina Iordanova Nedelcheva Super dev Quality Assurance
Dian Krasimirov Doinov Super dev Back-End
Dimitar Bozhidarov Dimitrov Super dev Product Management
Dimitar Gospodinov Mihov Market Experts Risk
Dimitar Minkov Minchev Market Experts Risk
Dimitar Stoimenov Vasilev Super dev Customization
Diyan Penkov Dimitrov Super dev Back-End
Emil Krasimirov Nikolov Super dev Quality Assurance
Georgi Dimitrov Donchev Super dev Quality Assurance
Georgi Hristov FINEX
Georgi Stoykov Stamatov Super dev R&D
Gevorg Levonovich Kirakosjan Super dev Administration
Ilan Tzorya GFS rep Markering
Ilian Stefanov Bontchev Market Experts Risk
Iliyan Dimitrov Iliev Super dev Technical Support
Irina Rangelova Mandova Super dev Administration
Ivan Hristov Stoyanov Super dev Product Management
Ivan Krastev Ivanov Super dev R&D
Ivan Stoychev Krastev Market Experts Risk
Ivanka Valerieva Stoeva Super dev Quality Assurance
Katya Kostova Dimitrova Super dev Account Managers
Kiril Aleksandrovich Plyasunov Super dev Back-End
Kostadin Hristov Bozhinov Market Experts Risk
Kristiyan Dimitrov Mutafchiev Super dev Front-End
Lilia Rumenova Stoianova Super dev Account Managers
Liliya Lyubenova Tsenova Super dev Quality Assurance
Maria Grisheva Petrova Super dev Finance
Martin Boykov Parvanov Super dev Product Management
Martin Konstantinov Kostadinov Super dev Technical Support
Mesut Redjebov Mehmedov Super dev IT
Michael Golod Super dev CEO (All departments)
Nadezhda Slavova Kasabova Super dev Finance
Nikola Yankov Kerefein Super dev Account Managers
Nikolay Ivanov Ivanov Super dev Front-End
Orlin Ognjanov Benov Super dev Front-End
Petar Lyudmilov Georgiev Super dev Technical Support
Petio Radoslavov Vassilev Super dev Technical Support
Petko Atanasov Chakov Super dev Customization
Petya Borisova Dikova GFS rep Markering
Petya Traycheva Traycheva Super dev Customization
Philip Miroslavov Kanchev Super dev Account Managers
Plamena Boykova Getova Super dev Human Resources
Radoslav Evtimov Totalov Super dev Back-End
Radoslav Ventsislavov Hristov Super dev Back-End
Radoslava Mihaylova Mihaylova Super dev Quality Assurance
Rositsa Ivancheva Savova Super dev Administration
Sergey Danielov Minkov Super dev IT
Silvi Pavlov Angelov Super dev Product Management
Siyka Zhivkova Zheleva Super dev Customization
Stanimir Dimov Dimov Market Experts Risk
Stanislav Tsonev Stanev Super dev Trading
Stefan Krasimirov Shopolov Super dev Product Management
Teodor Anatoliev Angelov Super dev Trading
Todor Marchev Yanev Super dev Trading
Trifon Emilov Bachiyski Super dev Technical Support
Tsvetomir Ivanov Chetashki Super dev Front-End
Tzvetan Vladimirov Naidenov Market Experts Risk
Valyu Ivanov Ivanov Super dev Customer Relationships
Velislav Krasimirov Kunev Super dev Quality Assurance
Ventsislav Plamenov Nikolov Super dev Quality Assurance
Veselin Georgiev Nedev Super dev IT
Vihra Ventsislavova Petrova Super dev Front-End
Violeta Lyubomirova Slavova Super dev Database Management
Vladimir Valeriev Petrov Super dev Technical Support
Yordanka Stoicheva Gaganelova Super dev Finance
Qimei Chen Tradologic BVI Sales
Marcelo Rodgaetz Tradologic BVI Sales
Amnon Goldrat Tradologic BVI Sales
Alexander Lvovich Tradologic BVI R&D
Michael Golod Global Fintech Solutions R&D
Ofer Nevat Tradologic BVI Sales


A recent EU-funded Organised Crime Portfolio research project, to which we contributed, has estimated that organized crime costs the EU economy about €110 billion. There are many ifs and buts around the precise definition of “organized crime”, but no matter how you look at it, the bottom line is that it is very costly to society.

In the UK, specifically, the National Security Strategy and the Serious and Organized Crime Strategy have identified organized crime as a significant risk to the UK’s national security.

Ilan Tzorya Today operationg from Romania together with Mafia Boss Eli Musli

Platinumcasino Bucharest one of the many ways for them to launder defrauded clients money.


Serious Organised Crime

Although serious and organised crime (Lead by Ilan Tzorya) is often thought of in a regional, national or international context its impact is most felt by local communities. It harms individuals, families and local businesses alike with rippling implications for even the smallest and most rural communities.

However it is not a crime itself. SOC is controlled and led by organized crime groups (OCGs) that use intimidation tactics and corruption for unlawful gain. OCGs are deceitful and unscrupulous in their pursuit of money, power or personal gratification through the harm of others.

Ilan Tzorya ‘s hidden crimes that take place around us every day. Too often, the theft of a mobile phone or possession of drugs for personal use enables a more insidious, organised and pervasive criminality such as human trafficking or fraud.


Massive Criminal Chart!





The Romanian mafia is the category of organized crime groups whose members are predominantly ethnic Gypsies (minority in Romania). They have expanded their criminal activities in the European Union, reads an Europol report on EU organized crime, being active mostly in Northern Italy and Spain as well as parts of America were they are involved in drug trafficking and fraudulent crimes as well as credit card skimming. They participate in a wide range of criminal activities ranging from prostitution and extortion to drug trade, also document forgery and property crime. A Romanian mafia gang by the name of Brigada Oaraza overtook northern Italy. Romanian crime syndicates are also responsible for human trafficking throughout europe.[1]

Recently[when?], it was reported that some Romanians specialize in ATM skimming in Australia and New Zealand.[2] According to the Queensland Police, the country’s history partly explains this criminal specialization: “Romania was prior to the fall of the Ceaușescu dictatorship, a centre of mathematics and computer coding and those skills were exploited by Eastern Bloc organized crime groups.”.[3]

Notable clans[edit]

Powerful clans include:

  • The Duduieni, Caran and Dan Patatu clan in Bucharest is allegedly involved in prostitution, usury, store and home robberies, as well as the illegal drug trade and illegal gambling. Dan Patatu is the founder of the illegal underground Poker Patatu Casinos. [4]
  • The Ghenosu clan in Dâmbovița County seems to have ties with the Corduneanu clan and with that of the Cămătaru brothers and is allegedly involved in drug trade, pimping and racketeering.[4] Ghenosu (Florin Ghinea) has been arrested for computer crime and blackmail, and is currently[when?] serving a 9-year sentence.[5] The Cămătaru brothers are currently serving sentences too (Nuţu 6-year sentence, Sile 13-year sentence).[6]
  • The Rohozeanu clan in Arad is the most organized in western Romania, and already has under his belt a conflict with Claudiu Baderca’s clan from Timișoara.[4] In 2009, they were arrested by the authorities. Uţu Rohozneanu is currently[when?] serving an 8-year sentence.[7] Claudiu Baderca a 7-year.[8]
  • The Vasile clan in Vrancea County specializes in illegal sales of cigarettes (contraband), usury and car trafficking. In the same county, the group led by Costică Argint specializes in racketeering operations in Romania and in Italy alike.[4] Costică Argint has been arrested in Tivoli, Lazio in 2010.[9]
  • The Feraru clan from Buzău controlled by Feraru was the one which had a prostitution network in Spain; the leader of the group, Costel Feraru, is currently[when?] serving a 6-year sentence.[4]


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