OPTIONSTARS & Ilan Tzorya Direct connection

INVESTOR WARNING: Illegal Broker Ilan Tzorya  OPTIONSTARS, And Money Laundering.

Right hand and main people in scheme:

Chavdar Samichkov <[email protected]>, Martin Parvanov <[email protected]>, Micha Golod <[email protected]>

That’s How Ilan Tzorya aka Ilan Tzroya hides behind people and operates all scam operations.

We have more:

Money Laundering and Criminal Organizations

The revenues from the operation of illegal online brokers are by definition revenues from organised crime and must therefore be laundered. The operators of those broker sites deploay numerous offshore companies and Payment Services Providers (PSPs) such as ZotaPay, to get their money clean. Customer funds that have to be held legally on segregated accounts are actually misappropriated and used for commission and marketing payments and moved into the privacy of the operators of these illegal broker sites.

Krypto Capital – SuperDev – Cryptovest is such a platform for international money laundering around the illegal brokerage activities. According to the documents available to us, Michael Golod is merely a front man for the criminal organization behind it. For example, there is a direct connection to the companies of Ilan Tzorya, Month after month, millions of dollars of customer funds are processed over Fixen & Krypton Capital via CrowdWiz and are transferred to companies in Bulgaria, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, and the Marshall Islands. From there the money is transferred to Romaina to PlatinumCasino Bucharest accounts, Hong Kong or other offshore centers. Details will be given in the next report.

Stay Tuned more to be exposed!





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