Not long ago we have updated you with 3 different articles about Israeli Bulgarian named Ilan Tzorya. This article will go into the subject of money laundering and tell how Ilan Tzorya is using this for illegal activities. Besides Tzorya, Eliran Oved and Eli Musli are involved as well. Now, after digging deeper to understand how they manage to take people’s money before they can make the money laundry procedure with Eli Musli’s casino in Bucharest,Romania – PLATINUM CASINO we need to inform people how exactly they get into Our pockets, credit and debit cards, bank details & etc.
We have named EVERY SINGLE brand they are having- PlusOption, Greenfields Capital, Trade Financial and the latest
We got e mail from anonymous person trading with one of the brands coming to look for Our help that lost 34 000 €, and it seems to be with the only one of the 4 brands that is working lately- Brighter
It is bad when criminals are walking around freely, spending people’s money and does not have any hesitation to show that online. It is important to point out that most of the websites are restricted for a lot of Europeancountries since they got caught, but the funny thing is Our Anonymous reader is from Iran- Country that is worldwide restricted to have anything in common with interest rates, trading, gambling, online betting.The Iranian government has retreated from its attempt to control the value of the rial on foreign exchange markets, with the cabinet agreeing to lift restrictions on currency trading.In April, Tehran had banned trading in the rial at anything other than the official rate, set at IR42,000 to the U.S. dollar. However, unofficial trading has continued since then, and the rial had slumped to as low as IR120,000 to the dollar on the black market in recent weeks.Also , not to mention that Eli Musli is alleged for being into the illegal weapon deals business , so it is not a surprise why Iranian clients are very well involved and accepted in those trading platforms. 

But now let me introduce to Our dear readers the main subject in Our newest article- Payment Processors. It is known that whatever we go online that needs payment, those money need to be transferred from 1 account to another, it doesn’t matter if we buy shoes online, subscribe for Netflix or we want to trade. That websites usually use regular VISA / MASTER card for online transactions, if it’s a good broker the company itself has contracts with Visa and Master and the payment providers.
But in this case, it is not regulated. Unfortunately, we do have one more person involved into the ”DIRTY MONEY” Tzorya scheme who provides with payment provider and that is  Eliran Assa.
Eliran Assa, CEO, ZotaPay 


Founder and CEO of ZotaPay, one of the leading customized payment service providers and merchant account services today. With a bachelor degree in business administration and management . Here’s a detailed history in his professional life:
1. Assa has been Sales Manager from early March 2000- January 2008 in Scam company
2. Then the Israeli company SMB as division manager from February 2010 till Dec. 2012
3. then ZOTAPAY was created by him at August 2015 till present.
4. Latest he is co-founder in created and opened May 2017, based in Israel.
What we care about is his creation ZOTAPAY PROVIDER.

Online Payment Processing
ZotaPay specializes in online payment processing solutions including credit and debit cards and local payment solutions. The combination of ZotaPay’s advanced technology and customized payment solutions provides merchants with an efficient payment funnel for customers worldwide and allows them to process and monitor transactions in real time.
ZotaPay offers merchants tailor-made products and services across various industries and markets. Its payment gateway supports global processing solutions and is connected to more than 300 financial establishments worldwide.

In a short interview from himself we do have interesting quote:
“Regulation – What are the new regulations, what do you think about them?
The online payments industry is only getting stricter as banks and financial institutions are increasing compliance requirements for online businesses in need of processing solutions or corporate bank accounts. There is no comparing regulation requirements from two years ago and the stipulations today. The forex and binary markets have found stability and see regulation as a positive addition to their business’ credibility. However, for Binary Options today there are no regulation entities that work specifically with the online trading industry.

The Lottery industry is a new and growing field that has not fully connected to banks and regulatory agencies yet. The major banks are still not accepting forex, binary and some gaming businesses, so it is very beneficial for a business to gain regulation, in turn enjoying better connections with more reliable banks and payment solutions. With years of market research, product development and experience, we managed to create a payment system that I can honestly say – is nothing less than perfect even not regulated. “

So, as you can see and read, he is telling himself that he is currently not regulated and that does not stop him to cooperate with this mafia we have so far.
In Our process of digging into the dirt I may managed to find the COO-
Yuval Rubenstein 

• Finished Tel Aviv University – Bachelor’s Degree Economics.
• Then worked for YAHOO from 2005-2008 in United Kingdom
• worked for o2 as financial operation analyst again in UK
• Then he got back in Israel after alleged for stealing and spreading personal details and information from his previous two jobs, and started working as Senior Customer Care Representative at Amdocs that he met Eliran Assa

• Since June 2015 he cooperated and helped the creation of ZOTAPAY and works there from 3 years and 7 months so far, being the COO – a chief operations (or operating) officer, a senior executive responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the company

I am implementing you direct view to their website and the PSP ZOTA PAY:

We shall add soon the WIRE Details to the bank they are using, stay tuned, stay safe in the online environment, to be continue….


  1. please anyone help me same problume with me max.foster creating this, i deposit money $400 with zotapay and first $200 with direct charge , when i deposit max foster place three trades for me its win im very happy next day he placed one trade of my full balance $1000 and say if i want more money then first i deposit minimum 5k brexit come on the way its a wining time but i not deposit more money and this day i lost my $1000 , anyone not contact me after 2 days he return my $1000 via bounus ammount not real , when i contact with max he says deposit and deposit , when i contact with binaring online support he says max foster leave the company i close these account and open new account with me , i say how can i close and where i get my lost money , then hes not answer and close the chat. i know its a team signalsbinary+ all the trusted brokers and all is cheaters , if you know how can i recover my money please tell me?

  2. here are their bank details. Their CEO has threaten our friend in Asia and we have helped him filed a police report for attempted murder, extortion and kidnapping. The case will be going to interpol soon. will send you a copy. The other CEO name is Avner Ziv. his name together with Eliran Assa are in the police reports.

    Currency: USD
    Beneficiary Name: Zota Technology LTD
    Beneficiary Bank: Ceska Sporitelna
    Beneficiary Bank Address: Olbrachtova 1929/62 Prague 4
    Beneficiary Bank Country: Czech Republic
    Beneficiary Account Number:6691412/0800
    IBAN: Cz63 0800 0000 0000 0669 1412

    Currency: EUR
    Beneficiary Name: Zota Technology LTD
    Beneficiary Bank: Ceska Sporitelna
    Beneficiary Bank Address: Olbrachtova 1929/62 Prague 4
    Beneficiary Bank Country: Czech Republic
    Beneficiary Account Number:6691332/0800
    IBAN: Cz89 0800 0000 0000 0669 1332

  3. we have a voice recording of how of Avner ziv and Eliran Assa trying to extort our friend. if you like we can email that to you; in the recording he says he does weapons payment processing in China. please give us your email and we will send it to you.


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