Nowadays we all live in the world of online trading, buying, shopping, dating, approaching, reading, searching, connecting. In any cases we are in the middle of the Golden era of internet endless power of receiving all of the needed information, education , evaluation, even if you are looking after getting rich fast -we have Bitcoin. These days, blockchain technology is spreading like a virus. Throughout the year 2018, the demand for industry- specific professionals has been rising in an unbelievably swift manner. The number of active Bitcoin miners is in an endless upward spiral and dozens of the world’s largest companies are getting their feet wet while preparing to dive deep into the space — all regardless people are not exactly enlightened how the system works. From then on we go to the point of all surrounding websites and companies providing education in this field. Complains can be all over the internet, but have you ever wondered who is behind the curtains, who is reigning the whole pyramid and how huge amounts of money are stolen and hidden ?
There are many binary options companies which are not regulated all around. Most of these offshore companies are not supervised, connected or affiliated with any of the regulatory agencies such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Please If you have lost a reasonable amount of money to an untrusted broker, bear in mind that large number of investment brokers lure clients into making bad investment decisions. As an example, recently there is an enormous amount of complains towards companies as knows as ”mushrooms” – sprouting and vanishing when the ‘season’ is done. Let’s focus on one of the biggest and oldest crime family connections and schemes, to go inside and reveal the truth. 
First we will start with the name Eliran Oved – known as CEO of Ironshield Group, used to
have websites for online gambling casinos, then from the recent years he had formulated simple and easy way to provide services with bad intentions that has something in common- they always appear in your need of get ‘fast profits’ and disappear when it comes the time to take out funds. Convicted criminal that was arrested for illegal gambling,went 2 years in Israeli jail.







We will start with short back-at-the-time preview.
• Started out late 2015 during today’s date the first brand and so far survived the most is As typical binary option company they do not guarantee any

customer a 100% win. But that’s understandable , the bothering part is you cannot see any address of registration, there’s no phone number on the website not e-mail address. The only connection there is an e-mail of their support. But if victim that lost their money write to that e-mail receives reply : “Please note that our company is not regulated and it is stated on our website and also the systems indicate that you have initiated and/or finalized a transaction dispute process. For any further information related to your funds please contact your issuing bank.”

• from January 2016- 2018



They are so called CFD brokerage company, the procedure is the same, someone makes initial deposit, the platform is not loading and also has massive differences on the prices compared to live market prices, in other words it is manipulated. This time address of registration is applied – AjeItake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro.

• is another brand continuing the same path,unfortunately the website is hardly reachable.

• The latest brand since last year mid’2017 is
Following the same path, poor designed website, operated with address in far away St. Vincent island, with no actual contact of the Owner and the employees.

But enough about the brands as we are gathering to expose as irrelevant and not trust worthy. Let’s dig deeper and go to the point who is the puppet master , his soldiers and relatives.

Next name we would like to point out is Elly Musli as known as businessman magnate, backed up by one of the biggest families from Israel, Tel Aviv. Holder of casinos in Ukraine, Bucharest, South Africa. Several other members of the Musli gang have already been indicted in cases, where Musli gang allegedly murdered people. Eli Musli, allegedly runs the casinos that the family supposedly operates in Romania and South Africa, a cash cow that is believed to drive the organization back in Israel. Eli is arrested at later stage in his life. What we will show as following is the structure :

The following Three is showing who is playing the most important role in online fraud of stealing , crimes as illegal gambling are not only popular but very organized and different people from different countries has big roles.
Starting from Israel where the head office and boss Ilan Tzoya, is injecting money from opening offshore bank providers and financial suppliers ,to the part of opening offices in half Europe under the CEO Eliran Oved who has been sponsored to do so. Once the office start hire enough employees, most of the time young people , there comes to the affiliates , sometimes is enough to be young lady that has connection in social networks to provide certain traffic of potential clients who will start register to the non-valuable websites we recited above. Once the wheel is on, it is just matter of time to generate or in simple words ”steal’ enough amount of regular people hard earned money, based on the belief for better financial future and stability.
From that point, all is needed the money to be send to Eli Musli in offshore wires from different bank accounts directly to his Platinum Casino based in Bucharest, Romania. Once the money laundry is done, it is hard to connect the dots from the perspective of normal user from their home computer who has lost his life savings.
This article had the purpose of not only informing , but changing the way that it used to be till now when it comes to powerful families and people, businessman’s and their millions, illegal gambling and not speaking about those criminals.
This is the first, the basic information chapter of new upcoming investigation series that you can follow in Our website, that will expose the truth in details who, how, where, why and what.

To be continued.


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